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Only 8% of peace negotiators are women, even
though they account for half of the world’s
population. It’s the worst joke in the world.

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Achieving peace starts by all parties sitting down at the same table. It makes a big difference who has a seat at the table – and who doesn’t.

Conflicts affect everyone, regardless of gender. That’s why it’s hard to come up with a worse joke than there being more ball-point pens on the negotiating table than women around it. Peace is more sustainable when a wide variety of people, representing different parties and stakeholders, have been involved in the process.

Supporting peace pays off. Global military costs add up to approximately 4 billion euros daily, while one round of CMI’s peace negotiations costs only 40,000 euros. By supporting CMI, you also support women’s participation in peace processes. CMI aims to increase the number of women participating in peace processes to at least 30 percent.

Make room for women at the peace table – share the worst joke in the world.

4 reasons why this really is
the worst joke in the world

1. Conflicts affect everyone, but only very few get their voices heard in peace processes.

2. Peace processes are critical junctures in which the future social and political systems are defined.

3. Only 4 percent of the signatories in peace processes are women, even though they account for half of the world’s population.

4. While women’s participation in peace processes increases chances for sustainable peace, only 8 percent of the negotiators are female.

What to do when you hear the worst joke in the world:

Share the joke with others, although it isn’t funny at all.
The reason is simple: we’re talking about world peace, after all.


Women in Peacemaking

Besides getting more actual seats at the peace tables, a cultural change and new ideas are needed to increase women’s participation in peace processes. Of course, more female experts are needed as well.

CMI collaborates closely with a variety of local NGO’s and women’s organizations in the conflict zones. Below you can read about some of these female forerunners and their thoughts about peacemaking and it’s future.




“Guns, missiles and fighter jets cannot stop current conflicts. Peace can be achieved, when everyone – including men, women, the young and the old – take part in the negotiations. Compassion, patience and a will to listen and discuss are a must. Women can provide all of these to the negotiating table.” READ MORE

Khairiya Ahmed


“CMI has empowered women to participate in peacemaking and taught skills that the work requires. The working committee supported by CMI has become an example for Libyan women on how peace can be achieved.” READ MORE

Najat Jumaan


“Yemeni politicians are constantly trying to fence women off the peace negotiations on the false premise that women aren’t educated enough. We hope to fix this. Marching side by side is the best method for ending the war in the country.” READ MORE

Mary Ayen Majok


”I am especially proud of how, with CMI’s assistance, we were able to reach women in remote areas caught up in the violent conflict. As politicians, we were able to bring their concerns and opinions to the attention of higher-level decision-makers. This was a unique experience and achievement for me.” READ MORE


The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation. Nobel Peace laureate and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari founded CMI in 2000. Since then, our organisation has grown to become one of the leaders in its field.

Peace negotiations are found to be the most efficient way to resolve conflicts. The goal of CMI is to create spaces for negotiated solutions of violent conflicts by involving all relevant actors in the pursuit of sustainable peace. CMI also places a strong emphasis on ensuring that women have active roles in conflict management and peace processes.

Our work is based on expertise and independence. CMI is known internationally as a trusted actor, whose work is not connected to the political interests of great powers.

Finland has a long history of violent conflicts, as well as resolving them. CMI is a vital part of the tradition of peacemaking in Finland. As one of the most equal countries in the world, we can take the lead in building a sustainable peace through including a wide variety of groups at the negotiating table.

“Peace is a question of will. All conflicts can be settled, and there are no excuses for allowing them to become eternal.”
– President Martti Ahtisaari, CMI’s founder


Help us make room for women at peace tables. Even a small donation will help CMI to continue it’s important work for world peace and equality. Our humble wish is that individuals and companies share the campaign to each other and political decision makers.

Those donating more than 1,000 euros can provide their logo/name to be posted on this page, and those donating more than 5,000 euros can provide their logo/photo and a short text. For those donating 10,000 euros or more, CMI will provide additional visibility and invitations to their events in 2018. For those donating a full peace negotiation round of 40,000 euros, we will provide tailored solutions.

Eva Ahlström Foundation

Eva Ahlström was Finland’s first woman director of an industrial company. She made room for women at business negotiation tables. In the same spirit, we want to make room for women at peace negotiation tables. Lasting peace is achieved when both women and men are involved!

– Maria Bondestam, Chair, The Eva Ahlström Foundation

We believe that diversity and showing a willingness to listen make a difference in the world.

– Arja Suominen, SVP Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility, Finnair

Wärtsilä is proud to support CMI’s latest “The worst joke in the world campaign, and CMI’s global work for peace. Diversity and equality are important themes for Wärtsilä and the partnership with CMI helps to improve these socially and economically important issues. 

– Atte Palomäki, Executive Vice President, Communications & Branding, Wärtsilä 

We know that empowering women to be entrepreneurs and leaders have positive impact on the community growth, prosperity and sustainability of communities. Therefore, we collaborate with hundreds of organizations around the world to develop and support empowerment programs that help create more opportunities for women – including peace talks.

– Théa Natri, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca-Cola Finland

We are proud to support CMI’s international work in solving global crises. Make room for all parties at peace negotiation tables!

– Leena Vainiomäki, Danske Bank Finland Country Manager


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